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Piano Studio of SherrieBelle Brinkworth (Mrs. B)

This is truly my first love.

I have been teaching piano for over 50 years. I graduated from the Univ. of Tulsa with a degree in Music Education and keyboard. I am an active member of the Rochester Keyboard Club and the MN Music Teachers Association.

I teach piano because I love working with young people and seeing their joy when they have accomplished something. For a student to truly learn piano (or any form of music), they must be willing to learn the fundamental concepts of music.

To do this requires practice and dedication and the end result will be a lifetime of enjoyment and appreciation.

Parents - please have the students read thru the pages PERFORMANCES, PRACTICING TIPS and WHAT I EXPECT. It is his/her responsibility to be prepared when coming to a lesson. This includes coming to all lessons with all the lesson materials collected into a bag.

The following pages (TUITION, ATTENDANCE, PERFORMANCES) are my Studio Policy. After reviewing these pages you will find the STUDIO CONTRACT. Please print and complete the Studio Contract with signatures and personal information as requested. Return this page to me at the next scheduled lesson.

Thank you

Mrs. B

You can contact me at the email address: [email protected]

or by calling me: 507-289-7778